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A brief summary of the interview
Basic information of the interview, such as where and when you conducted the interviews, your interviewees’ name, and an extreme user or mainstream user.
Identify the nuggets related to needs/problems, emotions, channels, current solutions, and deficiencies. Use a few words or a short sentence to describe each nugget. In addition, add direct quotes from your interviewee for each nugget.
I need the answer for both interview.
Question 1: What needs or challenges do you have when going out with your friends and family to socialize? Question 2: What is the most important factor when deciding on where to go to socialize and spend time with friends and family?Question 2.1: Tell me about a time that you went out to socialize with friends or family and the experience blew you away? How? Why?Question 3: Have you ever not been able to satisfy a social need when going out? If so, how did you overcome it?Question 4: What problems do you have when going out to social venues? Question 5: What is not ideal about the current offerings in the social scene?Question 6: Have you ever had a problem or challenge when finding a social venue? How did you overcome it? Question 7: What unique experience or experiences do you think the social scene is lacking?Question 8: Is there anything that you would like to see offered in the social scene that isn’t already offered?Question 9: Would you rather attend a social venue with friends or with family? What’s important when attending a social venue with friends? What is important when attending a social venue with family? Question 11: How much does money factor what social venues you decide to attend? Question 12: What is too expensive? (total spent for yourself in one night) What is ideal?Question 13: What do you look for in regards to social experiences when traveling?Question 14: Do you think that a new concept is needed in the social scene?How? Question 15: How do you feel about outdoor dining? Why? How?Questions 17: Do you enjoy experiencing different cultures? Why? How? What do you particularly look for?Question 18: What do you consider a quality experience when it comes to socializing?Question 19: Would you be open to attending an event and or venue that is held within a sustainable/alternative structure? Question 20: How do you feel about sustainable structures? Do you know anything about them? Question 21: How much would spend on an experience if it was held within a sustainable structure?Question 22: Do you feel like brick and mortar structures are superior to a sustainable or alternative structure? Why? How?


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