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#1:    Why is it important to build real-world examples into our lessons?
#2:      S A
Math happens in real-life situations, more often than children think it does. I love to travel and there are a lot of mathematical things I need to consider when travelling. In my math class, I would give the students a travel/math activity. I would have them decide where they are going, devise a budget with a given amount of “money” to spend, and have to make it home with spare change. They would have to consider lodging, activities, food, and transportation. They can present this in a poster form displaying all of their math calculations and items on their budget listed. Doing this activity would make them more aware of how far their money goes, or doesn’t, and how to be successful when setting up a budget. I may even make the problem where they have very little funds in which to use, making the task harder just to see what they can come up with. This activity can give them a sense of creativity as well as being in charge of their financial success in the future. 
#3:       C H
Math is used on a daily basis in real life. One real life situation can be as simple as counting money at the grocery store to pay for groceries. Not only is this task using math knowledge to know the different money pieces but addition and subtraction is used to determine if enough money is given. To teach this is the classroom, play money can be used in play settings and in instruction. By giving word problems to think through the situations of money exchange students will learn this real life task. 
part 2
#4:       B H
What concepts of mathematics could you pull to really build an integrated lesson in Science or Art?  Use your thoughts from the discussion question to construct this response.
#5:      M A
Cross-curricular teaching applies knowledge, principles, and values to more than one academic discipline simultaneously (Kelly, 2019). This means teaching more than one subject within a specific class at the same time, making a connection between the two. The benefits of teaching this way is that students will learn about a single subject or topic but from different subject areas.
An example of cross-curricular learning would be middle-school students in a language arts class reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” and their social studies teacher teaching them about the Holocaust and World War II. The students learn the historical aspects of what was happening at that time in the world, and then they have an account from someone who was actually living through these events at the same time.
Teachers can support each other by collaborating when lesson planning making sure that their lessons correspond with the same time period. They should be able to work well together and be committed to teaching the students the same topic.
Kelly, M. (2019). Cross-curricular connections in instruction: Four ways to integrate lessons. Retrieved from: 
#6:      K H
Cross-curricular planning is beneficial in the classroom. The information that students have learned from a previous subject can be used during this to connect the information. For example, if students learned about angles in math they can use the same concepts in science when learning about space launches. Teachers can support each other by aligning materials for students to connect the two topics together without confusion. Collaboration from teachers is the best way for this to happen. 


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