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choose one from the List of Topics
1. Living Under Capitalism: Consequences of Social Inequality
2. Explaining Social Inequality: Concentration of Wealth and Power under Capitalism
3. Social Mobility in Canada
4. White Collar Crime
5. Reevaluating the Official Multicultural Act
6. Ethnic Experience: Politics and Power
7. Politics of Race
8. Unmasking Racism
9. Quebec Nationalism
10. Rethinking Relations between Aboriginal Peoples and Canada
11. New Media, New World?
12. The Reshaping of Male Identity in the Twenty First Century
13. The Reshaping of Sexual Identity
14. The Sex Trade
15. The Politics of AIDS
16. Women in the Workforce
17. The Role of Labour Unions in the Canadian Workplace
18. Work in a Post Industrial Canadian Society
19. Industrialization in the Third World
20. Global Warming
21. Environmental Problems as Global Problems
22. Population Growth
23. Sustainability
24. Globalization and Culture
25. Globalization and the Changing Role of the State
26. Globalization: Growing Tensions
27. Globalization: The Future
28. Democracy and Global Capitalism
29. The Role of Multinationals in a Global Economy
30. The European Economic Community and the Nation State
31. NAFTA and the Modern State
32. The Canadian Left: Where Is It Now?
33. The United Nations: It Constrains the Mice While the Lions Roam Free
34. Bioethics
35. Islam and the West
36. The Politics of Reproduction
37. Social Movements
38. Women in Islam
39. The Concentration of Power in the Prime Minister’s Office
40. Euthanasia
41. Stem Cell Research
Your essay outline must include:
i. A proper title page in APA format ( /1)
ii. Identify the issue and identify the claims and/or judgments ( /2)
Identify the issue (1 mark)
Before you can make a proper inquiry or argument, you must be able to identify the issue you are arguing about.
Identify the claims or judgments you are using ( /1)
Remember judgments can be factual; evaluative (moral/ethical, instrumental and/or aesthetic); interpretive. Explain WHY you have identified the claims and/or judgments you are using.
iii. Thesis statement ( /1)
The argument defends a single, central claim, usually expressed in a thesis statement provided in the opening paragraph of an essay.
The thesis presents a position on the topic.
The thesis is limited to the assertion that the writer intends to prove and the essay does not digress from the thesis.
State the thesis in one or two clear sentences.
Remember this is an argumentative essay. Sometimes it helps to use the word because in the hypothesis to make sure you are on the right track. There should not be a question mark at the end of your thesis statement. You are making an argument not asking a question.
iv. What is the context of the issue? ( /5)
What is the state of practice concerning your issue? Where is the debate today, has the tone changed over the years. ( /2)
What is the history of the debate ( /2)
What is the intellectual/social/political context? ( /1)
v. Main Arguments ( /30)
What are the relevant reasons and arguments on various sides of the issue?
You will be expected to include five supporting arguments to support your thesis.
Each supporting argument begins with a clear statement that shows how it is relevant to your thesis ( /2)
After the statement, you must show how your argument is supported by three premises and include enough information so that the direction of the argument is clear. It is expected that the essay will flesh out more detailed support for each argument. Each supporting premise MUST include a citation in proper APA format. This means you have a total of three references for each of the supporting argument. ( /3)
After the three supporting premises, include a counter argument with a citation in proper APA format. ( /1)
vi. Bibliography ( /10)
The bibliography must include each reference used in the citations above and MAY include possible sources you have found but haven’t looked at yet.
The bibliography includes at least five sources and is in APA format


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