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Complete the following questions 1.) What two things does sound require: a. b. 2.) “Sound travels from Point A to Point B” a. What is wrong with this sentence? b. Make the change(s) necessary to correct the sentence. c. Explain why the change is important 3.) What is the nominal speed of sound (in air, at sea level, at normal pressure)? 4.) Consider the crowd phenomenon known as ‘the wave’. Let’s say that the average circumference of the stadium is 500 meters. Imagine that a human wave takes exactly 1 minute to complete the full circle of the stands. What is the speed of propagation of that wave? 5.) True/False: For an object to be elastic, it must be soft and spongy. a. Explain your answer/reasoning 6.) Define equilibrium. 7.) ________ is when air particles move closer together. Conversely, _______ is when air particles move farther apart. 8.) When pressure is higher, density is __________. When molecules are farther apart, pressure is ___________. 9.) Imagine a pendulum (it’s helpful to draw the pendulum). The two farthest points reached by the pendulum as it swings are Points A and Points G. The center point is Point F. Between Point A and Point F are Points B, C, D, and E, equidistantly spaced. The questions below refer to the pendulum swinging freely starting at Point A and moving in the direction of Point F: a. How does the average speed of the pendulum traveling from Point A to Point B compare with the speed from Point B to Point C? b. How does the average speed of the pendulum traveling from Point B to Point C compare to the speed from Point C to Point D? c. How does the average speed of the pendulum traveling from Point C to Point D compare with the speed from Point D to Point E? 10.) The motion of a pendulum is representative of what kind of motion? 11.) The graph of projected uniform circular motion is a _________ wave. 12.) What is the difference between frequency and pitch? 13.) A time-domain waveform (or waveform) graphs _________ on the x-axis and __________ on the y-axis. 14.) Of the words ultrasonic, infrasonic, supersonic, and subsonic, which applies to each of the scenarios below? a. An airplane flies faster than the speed of sound. b. An elephant can hear this low-pitched sound, but humans cannot, so it’s _________ to humans? c. The speed you travel on your bicycle. d. Frequencies above 20,000 Hz


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