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DiscussionYour boss has asked you to participate in a discussion on the nature
versus nurture debate with a group of incoming professionals in your
field. For your discussion, you will need to be prepared, so you must
write a report to present to your boss prior to the discussion. Be sure
to address all of the following points in 400-600 words:
What is meant by nature versus nurture, and why is it relevant to the counseling profession?
What arguments exist on each side of the debate?
Give examples from your own experience as well as the experiences of others to support your explanations.
Conclude the report with your stance on the topic. Do you agree
or disagree with one side or the other or a combination of both?
When commenting to other students, determine whether you agree
or disagree with the aspects of their stance and explain your reasoning.
Introduction to Child and Adolescent PsychopathologyYou are a counselor in a rural area. Your supervisor asks you to
visit the home of a child who has become violent. The mother states that
the father is a strict disciplinarian. He uses a belt to whip the kids
when they do not do what is expected of them, even if it is trivial. She
supports the father because she tells you that is what a dutiful wife
does. She is afraid to question her husband because of his violent
tendencies, and he is the family’s only means of financial support.Given the information for this family’s case, discuss the following in your response in 1000-1200 words:
What cultural differences and similarities do you share with this
family, and what might you need to learn more about to gain an
understanding of the family’s situation so you can appropriately assist
its members?
Include your cultural vantage point in this explanation.
How would you use what you know about human needs to build a bridge in your meetings with this particular family?
The History and Classifications of Licit and Illicit Drug UseYou have been asked to do a short presentation on addiction and the
effects that certain drugs have on the brain. Your presentation should
include the following elements: Assignment Guidelines
Address the following in 10-12 content slides within a PowerPoint presentation:
What does it mean to say that someone is addicted to a drug?
Why do people become addicted to a drug physically? Mentally?
What is a neurotransmitter?
What role do neurotransmitters play with regard to brain functions and behavior?
What roles do dopamine and serotonin play with regard to drug use?
How are dopamine and serotonin levels affected by various drugs?
What is meant by the reward pathways or the reward center of the brain?
What differences have been found between men and women in terms of effects of psychoactive drugs and addiction?
Your final presentation should follow the following format:
Title slide with your name, course code, and unit number
10-12 content slides containing your responses to the above questions
Each content slide must contain 100–200 words of speaker notes.
Slides should contain bullet points not text.
Reference slide where all sources are referenced using APA style


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