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ENMT322 Occupational Health and Safety
Week 6 Assignment
ENMT 322 – Week 6 Assignment
Overview:  Your assignment is to use the OSHA Guide to conduct an incident investigation into your chosen topic.  The guide describes a 4-Step Systems approach and your job is to identify and summarize the steps by the information as described by the report.
1.            Chose a safety topic from the Week 6 Reading (scaffolding, confined spaces, etc).
To locate an incident report on your chosen topic, go to the OSHA Fatality and Catastrophe Investigation Summaries website: (,enter your chosen topic in the “Keyword” search and press submit.
The next screen will give you the search results for that occupational safety and health topic.  Pick an event date within 2019 and click on the “Summary Nr”.
This will bring up the Accident Report Details for that incident.  As you can see on the screen below, it will show the details including date of incident, number and demographics for the employees affected.  Click on “Inspection” to access additional information.
Part A (20 pts):
1.            Summarize the employer information, date of accident andaccident summary.  Research the company through Google (or other search engine) to include pertinent information such name of the business or workcenter, address, number of employees, brief overview of the mission of the business.  Identify type of industry and NAICS code applicable to the business.
2.            Using the table found in the Inspection Detail (example below), summarize all of the violations to include interpretation of each standard cited.
Note:  All of the numbers in the standard are run together (i.e.19100134 = 29 CFR 1910.134.)
Part B (80 points):
1.            40 points – Using the OSHA Incident Investigation Guide, determine the root causes.  The root causes of an incident are exactly what the term implies: The underlying reasons why the incident occurred in a workplace. Root causes generally reflect management, design, planning, organizational and/or operational failings (e.g., employees were not trained adequately; a damaged guard had not been repaired).
2.            40 points – Using the OSHA standard applicable to the incident, make recommendations for corrective actions.  Make sure that the corrective actions address the root causes of the incident.  For example, if an employee fell off scaffolding, what would have prevented that incident?  Use of fall protection equipment?  Written policy on fall protection?  Training employees on the use of fall protection equipment?  Be specific because most hazards will have more than one recommendation.  Hint:  read the OSHA standard and see where the worker failed to meet compliance requirements.


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