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EXAM IS ONLINE. NOT PROCTORED, BUT LOCKDOWN BROWSER IS NECESSARYDear All,The exam will be 100 points total (the number of problems will be no more than 23, I am still finalizing the test). Points will be indicated for each problem, all scored points will be converted to percentages for the final score/grade calculation. All problems must be answered in the appropriate fields on Sakai and must follow the required format only indicated in the body of the question or the Part. The grading is not negotiable (i.e. Multiple Choice will not grant partial credit). Typos, not following the format are not eligible for regarding.Some fill in the blank problems will allow scoring partial credit on Sakai itself, no negotiation regarding alternative scoring may be accepted.Please read carefully the Academic Integrity portion of the Syllabus.MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE FORMAT OF THE ANSWERS FOR THE FILL IN THE BLANK QUESTIONSTo access the exam please do the following:24 Hour BEFORE the exam: Test RespondusLockdown Browser is working properly on your computer by running the practice exam on Sakai one more time. If something is wrong conact the IT immediately!
Prepare ONLY blank scratch paper, pencil/pen/calculator/eraser/one computer, remove everything else from the desk, floor, chair, etc. NO ADDITIONAL DEVICES of any type in the room the student is taking an exam (means students cannot use it for the exam).
Use of tablets, phones, smarts phones, smart watches during the exam is STRONGLY prohibited. Only if you are experiencing unexpected loss of internet connection or cannot see figures or diagrams you are allowed to use any additional device to contact Dr. Pine.
You will not be allowed to leave the room or desk.
No other people in the room the student is taking the exam.
Restart your computer, close all windows and programs if not followed it may cause potential problems with the access and completion of the exam that may not accommodated as an excuse.
Make sure you have a stable internet connection (Ethernet is advised if WiFi is not stable)
If you do not know why Ethernet is better please google it. Example from google search:Is WiFi or Ethernet faster?A WiFi connection transmits data via wireless signals, while an Ethernet connection transmits data over cable. … An Ethernet connection is generally faster than a WiFiconnection and provides greater reliability and security.VERY IMPORTANT:
The time of the exam is carefully calculated to take into account possible internet/browser problems or any other technical issues. If the RespondusLockDown Browser freezes your computer, just restart (press the on/off button for 10-30 seconds) your computer and comeback to the test using the RespondusLockDown Browser, no need to report this to Dr. Pine. Students are given automatically additional 10 minutes on top of 40 minutes of the exam to account for such problem. You will be able to access the exam 15 minutes before the time of the lecture, however it does not grant additional time on the exam.
SAC students (students with the signed time extension accommodation letter) may access the exam at 8:45am. Please note: the time is carefully calculated for your personal time extension, extensions that are not mentioned in the official signed accommodation letter may not be applied.
Using the RespondusLockdown Browser releasing you from being on Zoom.
Please remember that all your activity is monitored.
Note1: Please make sure to go over the slides/zoom videos discussed in class such as for example cocaine overdose treatment.Note2 : Make sure to take care of yourself.I know you work very hard and I am sure you can do AMAZING on this exam! Good luck, Pine’s team!


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