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for the first part, You are required to write an 800-word critical reflection on the selected discipline (PSYCHOSOCIAL STUDIES)
A critical reflection is an exercise in which you are asked to write about one of the disciplines you have been introduced to by discussing and analysing it. To support your answer with evidence and examples you will need to refer to the weekly readings, lectures and other relevant module materials. Your answer should aim to provide answers to the following questions. They are here to help and guide you,  but your answers must be in one document. Marks will be awarded for writing a continuous text with a logical argument rather than separate answers.
1.      What is,  or are the aims of the discipline? What does it study and why? Provide evidence and examples from the readings, lectures or other module materials.
2.      How does the discipline study the world. What tools, methods, approaches, theories or frameworks does it use? Provide at least one detailed example to explain how the discipline analyses aspects of society or the world. Explain with evidence and examples.
3.      Why is the discipline important? What is the role of the discipline in relation to society and our understanding of the world? What aspects of society or the world does it help us understand?  Does it cross or straddle any borders or different aspects of the world? Has it changed how you think about or might analyse the world or specific problems in the world?
You can choose to write your critical reflection on one of the disciplines above using the lecture slides, readings used in class as well as readings or materials recommended during the lecture. You can also use external materials relevant to the discipline that you have researched on your own, but this is not a requirement for this assessment.
For the second part, you are required to write a 200-word reflection on the feedback you have received on Assessment One, detailing how you have used it to improve the critical reflection you have written for Assessment Two. Provide at least two examples
1. What went well.
Relevance of answer to the question
everything that’s here should be here – this is a good reflection on the subject.
Evidence of understanding of the topic
It is clear that you not only understand the nature of the subject, but also its place in the social sciences.
Evidence of reflective engagement with the topic
This is good – you demonstrate a clear commitment to the subject.
Clarity of expression and communicative ability
this is a well-written piece of work.
2. What didn’t go so well.
Relevance of answer to the question
You have included some examples, but there isn’t much to show an extended example being discussed.
Rather than organising your work around a series of points around geography, perhaps you might like to use an example, next time, and show how this highlights the pertinent aspects of the discipline.
3. What needs to be done to improve.
Clarity of expression and communicative ability
For further help with structuring your work: go to Birkbeck study skills  in activities
Key Reading: Woodward, K. (2015), Psychosocial Studies: An Introduction, London: Routledge, pp. 1-14.


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