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Format: In a 5-6 page essay answer one of the following questions. This essay should be typed and double spaced with 12-point font (Times or Times New Roman) and 1” margins around the entire paper. Sources: For this exam, you are to rely on the Openstax, lecture/and discussions, the primary source readings, and your reading notes. Do not use outside sources. Writing: Be sure that your essay includes an introduction (that sets the historical context), a thesis (that makes a historically relevant argument), a set of well-crafted body paragraphs (including analytical topic sentences that explain events rather than describes them and has evidence to support your thesis), as well as a well-crafted conclusion that ties up your essay and historical argument. The questions are meant to inform your thesis and all questions should be answered in the thesis you develop. You should not simply answer questions as paragraphs. Essay Options: only choose and write on one of the topics below. 1. Analyze Native American society both pre- and post-contact with Europeans. What was their civilization like before contact? Discuss, their work, society, and culture. To what extent did native life change after contact and why? Historians have argued that cultural misunderstanding on both sides had an impact on this meeting of cultures, explain what this statement means: to what extent did Europeans change Native American life? To what extent did Native Americans change European (colonists) lives? Explain your answers using specific examples from all of our sources – primary and secondary. 2. Compare and contrast the colonial experience for English men and women in Southern Colonies and the Massachusetts Bay colony between 1608 and the 1690s. Discuss the reasons for each colony’s development, the politics of each region, social hierarchies, religion, and economy? What accounts for each colony’s growth and stability? In your answer be sure to include changes to the regions over time. Ultimately you are explaining the evolution of each region from 1608 – 1690. Explain your answers using specific examples from all of our sources – primary and secondary. 3. Write an essay that explores and analyzes the origins of slavery (1620 – 1720) in the American Colonies. How and why did it develop (discuss indentured servitude and the creation and evolution of race-based slavery)? What were the rationalizations of those who supported the institution? What were the effects on the slaves? How was the trade conducted? How did the institution of slavery affect the economic and social development differently from colony to colony? Explain your answers using specific evidence from all of our sources – primary and secondary. 4. Explain the ideological and economic reasons for the American Revolution. In exploring the causes of the Revolution you should address, the role of colonial self-governance, the Enlightenment and Great Awakening, the role of mob violence, and its place in the growing tension between Britain and the colonies. You will need to also explore the impact of the policies of the British Parliament and King. What ultimately bound the 13 colonies together when they were in many ways so different from each other? Explain your answers using specific evidence from all of our sources – primary and secondary.


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