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Hello, I need some questions to be answered. I have time until 10.45pm but I couldnt choose that time limit down below. So its actually more than an hour. I can extend the time limit to 2 hours, But I ll need it by 10.45. Thank you and sorry for the short notice. Selection Criteria: Select any public (listed on the Stock Market) small or midsize company (market value: between 2 – 10 billion dollar OR has between: 1000 to 8,000 employees). You may find this info on Yahoo Finance website: the company information using the themes and perspectives you have been learning in this course. In your answer you must adhere to the outline provided below (including section numbers, etc)- Paper1 Outline- (length is 800 words excluding section 15)***************************** 1-Name of Company_______American Airlines____________ 2- Your Name_________________________ 3- Why did you select this company? Because its a good company to use for this assignment 4a- Company Size (revenue, number of employees, etc, ) 4b- Company products and services ( Just list main products—less than 5) 5- Company Management Style (see chapter 1) 6- Company External Environment (see chapter 2) b 7- Company Culture (see chapter 2) 8- Company Ethical policy and its social responsibility (see chapter 3) 9- Company Planning Issues (chapter 4)10- Important decisions made recently by management (chapter 4)11- Company innovation activities and strategies (chapter 6)12- Company Structure (chapter 8)13- Recent News and Major Issues related to the company14- Final Note: Comment on the quality of your paper15. List of references you used to complete this paper (author, date, title)VERY IMPORTANT:- Do NOT delete the numbered list/section titles in your outline. Type your information under each subtitle. If you don’t have any information to include in a section, simply leave it as it is.- Also, note that the outline IS the paper. This outline you are submitting is your Paper. As mentioned above, keep the format as is and enter your information under each subtitle.
Requirements: .doc file


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