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Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.First I need (Outline/Rough Draft) by tomorrow Feb/18/21-Outline/Rough Draft due on Feb/18/21Submit a brief outline of your essay.Include your thesis statement and any bullet points you would like to share.Thesis should include the contemporary figure you have chosen.Bullet points should cover at least three points you plan to make in your essay.Your Task:Submit a thesis statement and at least three main points that you plan to make.No word requirementPlease proofread your work-Essay 1: Escaping Plato’s Cave due on Feb/23In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave we are introduced to a form of humanity shackled in chains, in a form of perceptual bondage.And in our daily lives we also experience a limiting of our social perspective regarding Covid-19.What would a rescue from Plato’s cave look like today in a world where people are constantly battling the influence of misinformation while trying to stay safe?Are there any contemporary figures in reality that have shown us any significant truths, in the current age, liberating humanity from their incorrect thinking?Be sure to draw several connections between a modern truth figure and the type of perceptual liberation that Plato writes about in his allegory.WRITING TASKS:Explain the perceptual shackles that are put on the prisoners in Plato’s text. Use several quotes to clarify your point. What do you think Plato was referring to at this time before the common era?
Find a contemporary figure from your generation or your parents’ generation and explain how they have shed light on a significant truth. How has their telling of truth changed modern perception?
Draw several connections between the pursuit of truth in Plato’s text and the actions of your chosen contemporary figure. Use quotes from Plato and contextual research to support your argument.
MLA format2 outside sources3 pagesRequirements: 3 pages
Requirements: Requirements: 3 pages


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