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here are some of my classmates posts to get an idea and I need two responses to two of these posts.1- “Hello everyone, The Ted Talk I chose to watch was titled “Are you an ideal team player?” In this video the speaker Patrick Lencioni chose to speak on the three ways individuals can be successful in a team focused environment. The three areas Lencioni focused on were Humble, Hungry, and Smart, and how it is important to be well rounded in these areas. Humble being that we need to not focus on areas that benefit ourselves but benefit the team as a whole. Hungry meaning that we are striving to do the absolute best we can. The bare minimum is not enough. Finally, smart, which doesn’t mean IQ, but rather EQ. We need to understand our team’s emotional needs and how individuals emotionally operate.If teams are cognizant of these three areas while working together, I think they are already much more equipped to operate successfully. This thinking also will even out contributions among members. I think if we all entered into a team with these three areas in mind (Humble, Hungry, and Smart) we would be much stronger together.I look forward to reading which Ted Talk videos you all chose and why.”2-“What if when the Apollo 13 mission reported their issues, NASA had divided the teams into groups of ten and promised a bonus to the team which developed a solution which brought the astronauts home safely? Would the teams have collaborated? Would the astronauts have survived? These are the interesting questions posed by Kalvin Cahill in his talk on “Reimagined Teamwork.” He reasons teams would be more effective if sharing a common focus, the same focus which is demonstrated in a state of crisis. When a group is facing crisis, boundaries based on socioeconomic status, education, religion, and politics fade. People work together toward a common goal. The focus is simple but significant in crisis such as bringing the astronauts home or rebuilding a community. People are intrinsically motivated during these times and work collectively for the betterment of others. When the crisis resolves people return to the natural concepts which cause division. They pull back and begin working for the “extrinsic goals” such as their next bonus, performance review, or their next scheduled vacation. Cahill urges to abandon the “me” and embrace the “we” mentality through building a common focus together. This focus should be clear and consistent among team members and the driving force of their work.Though the class has explored numerous articles which echo having a shared vision, voice, or goal, the correlation Cahill makes as it relates to crisis, I found extremely relevant considering our current realities. Within my work personally, I saw an emergence of teamwork within the organization I work over the summer as we worked to re-build our programs post-shutdown. Overtime, the teamwork has waned as I and my team have begun to revert to our previous safe spaces. Cahill’s persistence in focusing on a clear and powerful goal was a stark reminder to continue to strive for collaborative communication, fewer boundaries, and focus on the success of the group, even in times like these. Thank you for reading”3-“Good evening everyone,I decided to watch a TED Talk called “Build a tower, build a team”. In this video, the presenter states that people are put into teams of four and given eighteen minutes to build the tallest freestanding structure. For resources, the teams are given twenty sticks of spaghetti, a roll of yard tape and yard string, and one marshmellow. The marshmellow must be placed at the top of the structure once it’s complete. He further states that kindergarteners do a consistently better job than recent graduate business students, and architects do the best. He says the reason for this is that the kids don’t spend time trying to be the CEO which save time and are open to more than one process of completing the task. Because they are open to more than one process, they usually create multiple prototypes in case the tower does fall. He further states the business students have an idea that there is one right way to accomplish the task and when they put the marshmellow on top, the tower collapses and they fail. The architects do best because they have specialized skills and understand how to create structures. He also says that if you place an executive admin on the team they will do better as well, due to facilitation skills. He further states that facilitation skills + specialized skills are key to success in teams. He then says the value of the marshmellow challenge for teams is a shared experience, a common language, and prototyping and facilitation. He concludes by saying a prototype can make a bigger difference and lead to ta-da moments.I think the key takeaway from this video, is that teams must include a variety of different strengths. Furthermore it’s significant that you have someone who is a knowledge expert in your team, and in addition, a facilitator, someone who understands the process of how teams should work together and can keep everyone organized.I can apply these to teams I am a part of by understanding others backgrounds. For example, if I’m part of a team that is running a fundraiser, I would want someone who has marketing knowledge to get the word out. In addition, I would want someone who understand the process and can facilitate the team so everyone knows their role and hiccups are avoided. I think it’s also important that you can identify that these types of people are not in your team. If you don’t have anyone that can facilitate or has knowledge of a specific skill, then it’s probably wise to find those people and place them in your team. By doing so, the chances of success are much larger. Thank you for reading!”


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