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Identity Self-Study Narrative (individual) What is my Culture? What subcultures do I belong to? How do/will my identities and experiences inform my teaching/professional interactions? For this assignment you will write a scholarly paper. The paper should be approximately 6 pages or more, an APA style, include a cover page, abstract, in-text citations of relevant readings, and at the end references. Purpose: To increase awareness of your identity as an initial step in better understanding and preparing to teach students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. As you look at your life and begin to articulate aspects of your identity, consider your experiences through a cultural – historical lens. In this autobiographical narrative, you will explore your own personal history, including the formation of your identity, family background, experiences, beliefs, and attitudes that help in shaping your dispositions, positionalities, and perspectives on teaching. In doing so, you may consider identifying some key events and individuals that have influenced your identity formation and to shape how you currently form relationships with “Others”. This assignment challenges each candidate to critically unravel her or his cultural assumptions by reflecting on the events and life experiences that have shaped their cultural premises. Focus your narrative on the aspects of your experience including individual, interpersonal, and cultural influences, which lead to your current interest in learning about and teaching culturally and linguistically diverse students. One candidate, for example, began her autobiographical essay commenting that: “There are a tremendous number of factors that have made me who I am. My family, friends, religion, and experiences have all had a hand in helping me to form my ideas and opinions on everything in life. I know that my experiences thus far in life have been unlike that of anyone else.” In a nutshell, you must identify your cultural heritage and explore the cultural groups you identify with. Discuss family background and family culture in terms of values, habits, worldviews, beliefs, and goals, as well as how your culture shapes your life experiences, successes, and challenges. Finally, end your narrative by discussing how you can use your experiences in guiding your interaction with culturally and linguistically diverse students and their families. Components and organization for the narrative Abstract (100-150 words) Introduction (basic information: age, birth place, birth order, what are you preparing to do) Family/heritage background (geographical origins, parentage, grandparents, language, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, family traditions, etc.) Self-Identification-Define who you are (culture, language/dialect/accent, social class, gender, sexuality, religion/spirituality, personal qualities, etc. What family/heritage elements contribute most to how you see yourself? How others see you? How you see the world? How do you see yourself in terms of culture, race, social class, gender, etc.? What experiences/practices have the greatest influence on who you are? Who you are becoming? Theoretical Influences- Define or explain the theories that most inform your evolving understanding of diversity Explain teaching methods and/or classroom activities (2-3) you plan to use that are informed by critical theory. How can you make your classroom an inviting and comfortable space for all learners? Conclusion- How can you draw from elements of your identity and your experiences to inform your work with diverse learners? How can you draw from critical theory to inform your work with diverse learners? Connect your narrative to the course or other relevant readings. You must include citations of relevant readings. References- At least 8 different peer reviewed articles or text sources


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