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I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?High-quality, thoughtful, and appropriate responses to the discussion question prompts are expected. For complete, high-quality analysis, each of these written work products should approximate 5 pages using 1-inch margins, double-spacing, and 12-point font, and APA formatting. The paper must include a cover and a reference page. You should properly cite any material sourced from research.Read The Healthcare Quality Book, Chapter 1. Page 33, Case Study 1: Mr. Roberts and the US Healthcare System. It turns out the Mr. Roberts is your Dad and you are the CEO of the health system where he receives his “less than ideal’ care! You are embarrassed that any patient would experience any of the five examples of sub-par quality recounted in the case study. As the CEO, you are resolved to quickly get to the bottom of the problems so you can lead your system in delivering consistent high-quality care. Where to start?Pick any three of the five case study examples of quality gaps (i.e., problem effects). The paper will separately analyze each of your three selections, as follows.
From the facts given in the case study, for each of your three quality gap selections:Sketch a simple cause-and-effect/fishbone diagram (See Exhibit 1.4) summarizing categories of various potential causes, including any subcomponents, that are driving the problem effects. Develop at least two logical “cause branches” in your diagram.
For each category/subcomponent “cause branch” of your diagram, provide a complete, concise analysis of your thinking about how such causes might impact the selected quality gap experienced by your Dad.
Then, in line with your preceding analysis, for each category/subcomponent “cause branch” of your diagram, frame an initial set of Five Why questions you would like your health system personnel to answer. Your goal in developing the thoughtful Five Why questions is to prompt a deeper drill down by your team into the proximal conditions of each “cause branch” contributing to the selected quality gap.
Be creative. Feel free to express and explain clever assumptions if helpful where factual details in the case study are limited. Requirements: 5 pages   |   .doc file


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