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I’m trying to study for my Business course and I need some help to understand this question.Part 1:Listen to podcast SUMMER SCHOOL 2: Markets & PicklesAnswer the following 3 questions:What are some of the characteristics of the food bank market that you think made it successful?
If you were managing a food bank within Feeding America’s market, what strategies would you employ to acquire food?
Choose only one option (A or B) to answer:Using the example of the used car market can you think of other ways not having enough information, from either the buyer or the seller’s point of view, could impact the functioning of a market?
The podcast mentioned a hypothetical market for organs and the potential problems such a market would impose. What are some other examples where a market solution could be problematic and why
Part 2:
As a way to synthesize the materials for the week, please write a 300-500 word paragraph that engages the important ideas and themes for the module. You are required to cover the following areas:
In your post, you must include reference three of the materials for the week — two of the three starred materials for the week are required as material you are references, plus one other video, reading, podcast etc. of your choice, which could be the third starred source. Please BOLD the names of the readings/concepts in your post. (Academic citation is NOT necessary in this Weekly Post)
A significant connection of one of these concepts to your individual life must be included.
Proper grammar and spelling is required.
In a SECOND section of the post, at least one key term must defined in the writing using your own words (simply copying and pasting a definition from a reading or lecture is not acceptable).
In a THIRD section create a discussion question that engages module concepts and invites people to think critically about connections with other material or their lives. You will post this discussion question (and only the discussion question) to your assigned group discussion board for other classmates to respond to.
References to bold
Designing Happiness (Links to an external site.)
Experience Economy.pdf(Attached)
How to Buy Happiness (Links to an external site.)
Requirements: 600


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