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Response to this post,Four pairs of muscles produced the biting and cutting movements of the mandible: 1-Temporalis 2-Masseter3 and 4 – Two pairs of pterygoid musclesThey act by opening the mouth in the mandible to receive food. Also elevating for biting food or crushing between the teeth. Protaction so the incisors meet in cutting off a piece of food and retraction to draw the lower incisors behind the upper ones and to make the rear teeth meet. Side ti side movements that grind food between rear teeth.SUPRAHYOID MUSCLES: Eight pairs of hyoid muscles associated with this bone aid in chewing, swallowing, and speaking. Four of their superior to the hyoid bone-the digastric, geniohyoid, mylohyoid and stylohyoid. -digastric Depresses mandible, opens mouth widely and elevates hyoid when mandible is fixed -geniohyoid Depresses mandible elevates and protract hyoid when mandible is fixed.-Mylohyoid Spans mandibles from side to side, elevates floor of mouth. -stylohyoid Roles in speed, chewing and swallowing are not yet clearly understood.INFRAHYOID MUSCLES: They are inferior to the hyoid bone. They enabled the supra hyoid muscles to open the mouth. -Omohyoid depresses hyoid after it has been elevated. -Sternohyoid depresses hyoid after it has been elevated. -Thyrohyoid Depressed hyoid when hyoid is fixed, elevates larynx. -Sternothyroid Depresses larynx after it has been elevated in swallowing and vocalization.PHARYNGEAL MUSCLES: Three pairs of pharyngeal constrictors encircle the pharynx on its posterior and lateral sides. They push food from the pharynx into the esophagus. -during swallowing contract from superior to middle to inferior constrictor to drive food into the esophagus.Rules:Your post must be highly organized, thorough and accurate.
Advance the discussion or extend discussions already taking place.
Responses must add new information not previously discussed. Pose new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced. Consider new factual information tied with critical thinking. Interesting and current research on the topic.
Do not simply summarize another student’s post and agree/disagree. Consider starting out posts with, “A research article I found said, Did you know, 3 things I found interesting were…”
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