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REVIEW: Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op – Coffeehouse Division Marketing Plan: RESPOND: Organizations build strong customer relationships and customer value through strategic marketing plans. Every organization must develop strategies to focus and direct efforts to accomplish goals. An organization cannot be all things to all people, and marketing managers help shape the long-term course of actions to deliver unique customer experiences while balancing the operational needs of the organization. Pauline is in charge of marketing activities for Just Us! Coffee Roasters. To jump start sales at the coffeehouses, she must consider whether she can attract new customers. Reference exhibit 2 of the Just Us! Coffee Roasters case and explain whether or not you think the company can attract new customers beyond the current customer base through marketing activities. Provide an example of a company that has earned your trust and explain the factors that contributed to the satisfaction of your needs. How would you relate the satisfaction of your needs to potential future marketing activities of the Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op? (300 Word Count) DISCUSS: (Separate Discussion) 200 Word Count Response to Post: The Just Us! Company will be able to attract more customers based on their products, especially the coffee, that uses Fair Trade coffee beans, since there are many universities in the area, much of the demographic are younger people that are more concerned with global issues, and the sustainability of raw material and the fair pay to the farmers. Since the company prides itself with being the first coffee house to use the coffee beans from Fair Trade shows the consumers, both current and future, that besides trying to make a profit, share a great product, and source good material, that they take into consideration the toll that it takes on the earth to produce said products. Many companies now look into having their resources from Fair Trade to be considerate globally consciousness, for example, an article from, discusses about the Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company is a farmer direct company, and the following states how they enjoy doing this type of business: “Great Lakes Roasting Company buys direct from farmers all over the world, people they’ve gotten to know over the years during trips to the coffee farms. They typically do two trips a year, one in the fall and one in the spring, and travel with their import partners. When they go, the team can see how the farmers are “getting paid a better living wage, how they are advancing in product, how they are advancing in technology, and really see where the money is going back in investing in themselves,” Goulding said. “It’s really cool to see.”” (Sherman, 2020) Just Us! gains trust from consumers by showing that they are an ethical company by letting their customers know from where the food and drink that they are consuming are not only delicious, but also gives a great advantage to the people that are farming these raw foods. The concept that the company uses is called “societal marketing concept”, in which the textbook defines as “The view that organizations should satisfy the needs of consumers in a way that provides for society’s well-being”, which to me is the prime example of what Just Us! coffee is doing for their customers. (Separate Discussion) 200 Word Count Response to Post: Pauline can definitely attract new customers beyond their current customer base by the following marketing activities: 1. Getting involved with the community – Pauline can look into Wolfville find charity or non-profit events where she and team can volunteer. There could be also be local events (since Wolfville is a tourism spot) where she can volunteer. She can promote and network Just Us! Coffee Roasters while on the job. 2. Participate in local fairs, markets, festivals – There are more factors to consider when selling at a local fair. There is a cost associated with being part of the market, like table or booth fees. However, there are other ways to promote your business in such setting such as distributing fliers and engaging with the crowd. Since the office the head office is only a few kilometers from Wolfville, the team can drive down there to hand out fliers. 3. Utilizing online platforms – Registering the business (for free) in Google Places and Yelp will allow the business to be found easily in a Google or Yelp Search. In addition, being active in social media increases your online presence, which could convert online consumers to actual customers. Tsai (2013) explains that the “goal through social and online channels is to reach the right customers at the right time without oversaturating your audience”. This means that there must be a strategic approach using these online platforms. I’m always looking for the best food. When I attended one of our county’s fairs, I found this food company called TDM (Taco de Mexico). They were providing food samples during the fair which prompted me to check it out. They were also giving away flyers with a 20% coupon if you visited their local restaurant. I was impressed by that type of marketing because it is enticing customers to visit the actual restaurant. Not only did I purchase an item from them at that time, I was motivated to visit their business and avail of the coupon. Now, it’s my favorite restaurant and I recommend it to any family/friend visiting. I think that if Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op is able to do the same, they will be able to promote their business, increase conversion, while making sales on the spot.


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