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Summary: Frank Lloyd Wright’s “The Art and Craft of the Machine” Frank Lloyd Wright’s “The Art and Craft of the Machine” is a seminal piece of writing in the history of architecture, and it is an essay that Wright himself revisited at different times during his career. Wright stood at the juncture between the Arts and Crafts movement and a burgeoning machine-based Modernism, which appear to be complete opposites. In this essay, Wright offers a type of compromise or bridge between the two and suggests a path towards the future. This summary essay assignment is intended to have you engage with a primary source reading, distill significant ideas from it, think about them, and then professionally communicate your understanding of them. The exercise also prepares you for the lecture where we will look at and discuss Frank Lloyd Wright’s early architecture in the context of this essay. DIRECTIONS: Read the following assigned essay, located in both the Assignments folder and Readings folder on Blackboard: Frank Lloyd Wright, “The Art and Craft of the Machine” (1901, 1930), in America Builds: Source Documents in American Architecture and Planning, edited by Leland M. Roth (New York: Harper and Row, 1983), 364-376. In a three to four-page summary essay: 1. briefly identify and explain at least four or five principal points that Wright makes about machines. 2. address what role Wright believes machines can play in developing a new architecture. Engage with the reading yourself. Additional research is not required nor expected on this exercise. Your summary should not include researched background information on the essay, the author, the context, etc. Just deal with the specific reading and its ideas, as you understand them. This is not a group exercise. All work must be one’s own. Direct quotations should be kept to the barest minimum, if they are used at all. Your job is to process and synthesize Wright’s ideas. However, whether using a direct quotation or paraphrasing an idea of the author’s, you must properly cite each quote/idea in an endnote citation. Endnotes are placed after your main text, and do not count towards your ‘three pages.’ Each citation must include a page reference from the text. (You should have many endnote citations). Format: Submissions must be typed. Use 12-point Times (or Times New Roman) typeface. At the top upper-left corner of the first page, in single-spaced lines, provide your full name, the number of this course (ARCH 3313.001 or ARCH 3313.254), state that this is “Assignment 3: Summary,” and provide the date of submission. At the top of your essay, provide the title “Frank Lloyd Wright’s “The Art and Craft of the Machine,”” and center it on the page. The body of your summary must be double-spaced. Upload your completed summary to Blackboard as a .pdf file. As this is a formal, expository piece of writing, do not use the first person (I, me, we, etc.). Direct quotations and major ideas of the author’s must be properly cited as endnotes, in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. A specific page reference must be included with the citation. There is no need for a bibliography. Assessment: This is an exercise in reading comprehension and recognizing major concepts in a key architectural writing. Grading will take into account the clarity of your thought and expression, the logical organization of your content, and your overall understanding of the reading.


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