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The critical assignment for this course requires you to complete a series of short essay responses to the questions below. Each question relates to the topics discussed in this course. Your response for each question should be enough to fully answer the question. Assigned Questions: 1. Discuss the differences and similarities between a peer-to peer network and a client server network. 2. The future of the Internet will lie with IPv6. Research the components of the protocol and compare the various TCP/IPv6 layers with the OSI model. 3. Research one to three available routers. Include a description of the device, the manufacturer, the model name/number, approximate cost (MSRP), a summary of the manufacturer specifications, and their differences. 4. Documenting a network is essential in troubleshooting and support. Discuss the security implications in keeping such documentation. How should an organization balance access to the documentation against protecting the network from intentional hacking, compromise or damage? 5. Discuss why it is critical to follow termination standards. Are there any disadvantages to following these standards? Relatedly, discuss how to determine which cabling type to use in a network. 6. Discuss the implications of security breaches on technology adoption. Are people hesitant to use the Internet or wireless technology for purchases due to security concerns? Are people hesitant to use technology because of privacy concerns? Are these concerns warranted? 7. Discuss the benefits of cloud computing. Research the available cloud computing services offering infrastructure services and discuss the common features of a cloud computing platform. 8. Discuss what the consequences should be for not adhering to security policy guidelines. Where or how should these consequences be communicated to employees? 9. Using a drawing/diagramming application such as Microsoft Visio or, design a network diagram for an organization. Include all relevant network devices and be sure it clearly identifies the type of network. Export diagram as an image and insert into the template with a brief description of the diagram. Assignment Requirements: • Use the CIT460 Critical Assignment Template (attached) • Be sure to correctly reference in-text citations from scholarly sources to support your answers. A good paper will have at least one unique source for each answer (8). • Your References list should include your primary and secondary course textbooks as well as other scholarly sources (i.e. do not cite Wikipedia). You will lose points if you only cite the course textbooks.


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