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There are (2) task that need to be completed for this assignment: Task 1: You are the newly appointed director of training and development for a midsize construction company, Alliah Construction, operating in five states in the northeastern United States. Although you have been on the job for only a short time, a project requires your immediate attention. One service provided by your company is residential roofing installation, repair, and replacement. Each job is performed by a crew consisting of an on-site supervisor (see the attached “Position Description for Roofing Supervisor”) and laborers with varied skill levels. Although management knows that construction work is inherently dangerous, the company has experienced three serious accidents on roofing jobs in the past month. An accident report from an OSHA inspector identified numerous safety violations that could have contributed to the accidents (see the attached “Injury and Illness Incident Report”). Senior management has directed you to plan and implement a mandatory training program on workplace safety for all roofing supervisors. A. Develop a training plan for the roofing supervisors by completing the following sections in the attached “Training Plan”: Statement of Problem and Purpose 1. Explain the need for training and development in this scenario. 2. Describe the purpose of the training plan. Training Program Objectives 3. Describe the training program objectives. Skills Gaps 4. Identify four safety skills gaps of roofing supervisors by comparing the attached “Injury and Illness Incident Report” and the attached “Position Description for Roofing Supervisor.” Learning Objectives 5. Write a learning objective (for supervisors) for each of the four skills gaps identified in part A4. Behavior Changes as a Result of Training 6. Describe a desired behavior change that supervisors will demonstrate as a result of the training they receive for each of the four learning objectives identified in part A5. Program Design 7. Recommend whether to develop the program internally and/or externally, and then justify your recommendation. Delivery Method 8. Recommend two training delivery methods that are appropriate for the learning objectives identified in part A5, and then justify your recommendations. 9. Describe the facility (or facilities) where the training will take place based on your chosen delivery methods from part A8, and then justify your choice of facility (or facilities). Training Facilitator 10. Identify who should facilitate the safety training to the roofing supervisors, and then justify your choice. Pilot Test Process 11. Describe a process for pilot testing the safety training before delivery of the training to all roofing supervisors. In your description, include the following points: • what a pilot test is • the scope of the pilot test • who would be involved • the type of feedback expected • time frame for when feedback will be provided • what you will do with feedback before rolling out the training to supervisors Internal Communication Strategy 12. Explain how you would communicate the importance of the safety training program to roofing supervisors and motivate them to participate in the program. Training Evaluation 13. Explain how each learning objective from part A5 will be evaluated after training using Kirkpatrick’s level 2 or level 3 method. 14. Describe two specific examples of supervisor behavior that would prove that training transfer has occurred. B. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. C. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission. Task 2: You are the human resource manager of a midsize accounting firm. Mary Smith, a new accounting director within the firm, is concerned about how to coach an under-performing manager named John Miller, whom she oversees. A recent performance appraisal of John revealed that there were several areas that needed improvement. Mary is unsure of her next steps with John, and she has asked you to create a three-month performance management plan for him A. Discuss the importance of setting performance expectations by doing the following: 1. Explain why it is beneficial for managers to set performance expectations with employees, including benefits for both managers and employees. 2. Describe the process that managers should follow when setting performance expectations with employees. B. Develop a performance management plan for John by doing the following: 1. Describe two areas in which John can improve by comparing the criteria in the attached “Accounts Payable Manager Job Description” to the information in the attached “Performance Appraisal.” 2. Describe the steps John needs to take to improve in each area identified in part B1. 3. Describe how John’s progress will be evaluated for each step identified in part B2. 4. Describe specific outcomes that will demonstrate John’s success in each area of improvement identified in part B1. 5. Describe a consequence John would face for noncompliance in each of the steps identified for improvement in part B2. 6. Describe the final meeting that would take place between you, John, and Mary at the conclusion of the three-month performance management plan. Include the following discussion topics: • how to acknowledge progress made during the performance management plan • how to conclude the performance management plan, including next steps C. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. D. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.


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