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THIS PAPER IS 8 PAGES NOT INCLUDING THE COVER AND REFERENCES The final project is a paper that develops a particular theme around a woman from the Bible or Qur’an who is not covered in the course. Please consult the List of WomenPreview the document document for ideas on which woman to research. Students are to perform research on your selected woman using the suggested sources listed below and then compare your selected biblical woman to at least one of the women reviewed within the course. Students are to actively engage with at least four outside bibliographic and compose a well-crafted essay along a selected theme. Specifications: Length: eight-to-ten pages, not including the title page and bibliography Format: twelve-point in a standard typeface, double-spaced, Margins: one-inch all around Headers: page numbers included in headers, page 1 starting after the title page Style: APA Content: An explication of the biblical woman around a central theme. At each stage of the paper, students are to maintain a focus on their central theme. Students should point out both the strengths and weaknesses of their selected biblical female character and do more than merely retell the biblical narrative pertaining to her. The essay is to be thematic and must engage at least four outside sources. Articles in ATLA (see below) or elsewhere from the OU library online catalog must inform the entire paper. Students are required to utilize at least four (and preferably more) outside peer-reviewed articles, books, or biblical commentaries for their paper. Students are to utilize OU library resources only and not external websites for their research, including the ATLA religion database for biblical material. Students are to conclude their papers with implications of the woman’s characterization for modern Western culture’s understanding of women. Evaluation Criteria: The project is assessed on the quality of critical engagement with the biblical female character thematic coherence quality of and engagement with at least 4 bibliographic references cogency of argumentation organization, and writing style, such as, overall flow, grammar, and citations. The Final Project is to be done in Stages as follows (CS = Course-Spanning Assignment): CS-1: Select a topic for your final project, from the See the list of List of WomenPreview the document document. Post this selection to the Unit 2 Discussion Board. CS-2: Find four or more bibliographic sources and post those along with an annotation of each to the Unit 4 Discussion board. Do not use Internet-only sources. This means that you are to use articles found through the OU catalog of sources and not simply information that you find on a website about religion or about your passage. Use APA style for your bibliography (see the APA class guide for help in formatting the bibliography). To annotate the bibliography, provide a one-paragraph synopsis of your source. Include that synopsis under the reference. Post this to the Unit 4 Discussion Board. Here below are some possible sources for your bibliography: 2.1. Once you have your biblical woman, use one of the major commentaries, either an Anchor Bible Commentary or a Hermeneia Commentary to investigate what it has to say about her. You must consult the book of the bible in which the female character is found. The commentaries are located in the Bizzell Library. DO NOT rely on commentaries found on the Internet! 2.2. Access the ATLA (American Theological Library Association) online database for articles on your biblical passage. To do this, follow these steps and see this examplePreview the document. a) log into the OU catalog website with your OU 4 x 4 and password, b) under Resources, select Databases & E-Reference Materials, c) select A and then scroll down to ATLA Religion Database, d) search by biblical character (e.g. Jezebel) in the first empty space and then select the Search button. Choose from among those references displayed and make sure to select an article and not a review. You want to select the most current articles by paying attention to the dates listed. And, of course, you want to select an article that pertains to your project! Most of the articles are available for download, that is, for immediate access. If not, you can order the article and you will likely receive it from ILL within a day’s time. 2.3. You may also consult articles at the Bible Odyssey Project: See (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Again, search by the name of your selected female character. Bible Odyssey can count for no more than one source. 2.4. Your textbook can count for one of the four sources needed for the paper, so long as the woman has not already been covered within the class assignments. 2.5. You might also type the name of your biblical character into the Discover Box at the OU catalog website. Then, scroll down for articles. CS-3: Post a title, theme and outline for your paper on the Unit 6 Discussion board. CS-4: Post a polished draft along with a title to the Unit 7 dropbox. For your paper, use in-text citations, a parenthetical style citations. This assignment will be peer-reviewed and must be turned in on time for full available credit. CS-5: Peer Review and Peer Review Acknowledgment. Comment on your assigned peer-review student’s project. These are done anonymously. After you have completed the peer review, complete the peer-review acknowledgment discussion board in Unit 8. Based on the comments you receive from the peer review student, modify your final project, if and where necessary. CS-6: Submit your final project paper to the Unit 8 Final Project dropbox. Please note that because this project functions like a final exam, late assignments are not accepted. Final project Assessment: Preliminary Steps: (CS tasks) Project topic posted by deadline (Unit 2) 10 pts. Annotated bibliography and posted on time (Unit 4) 25 Title, thesis, and Outline posted on time (Unit 6) 25 Full Draft posted on time (Unit 7) 50 Peer Review & Peer Review Acknowledgement (Unit 8) 25 Final Revised Paper Posted by Deadline (Unit 8)


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