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To complete this final project, you will deliver a code file and executable, as well as a security brief and an appendix of supporting tables and maps.Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below. Most of the critical elements align with a particular course outcome (shown in brackets).Code File and Executable: The original binary file that you are provided with should be converted to a fully running program in C that functions as described in your commented code. For grading purposes, you must submit your code as both an executable and a Microsoft Word document.Convert the binary file into assembly code. [CS-410-01] Assembly code is properly commented and explained. [CS-410-02] Disassembled code is completely converted into higher-order programming language (C code). [CS-410-03] Translated code’s primary functions are properly commented out. [CS-410-02] Translated code is logically organized and primary functions execute properly. [CS-410-03] Security BriefOverview and Body of ReportBriefly explain the internal code functionality. For example, this is where you would describe what main would do. [CS-410-02] Describe your process for disassembling the compiled code specific to your use of the tools and practices of the discipline. [CS-410-01] Describe the exploitable weaknesses and vulnerabilities that were found in the code. For example, this is where you discuss the ways ahacker could hack into the component and change student grades without having gained previous knowledge of the password. [CS-410-04] Describe basic recommendations and suggestions for how exploitable weaknesses and vulnerabilities can be fixed. [CS-410-04] Security Brief Appendix (Tables/Mapping)Identify what each block of binary code does in assembly language using a table or map. [CS-410-01] Identify security flaws in code using a table or map. [CS-410-04] Map each block of assembly instructions to the corresponding C instructions in a table or visual format. [CS-410-03]


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