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TOPIC OF THE PAPERDance and movie performance of race and cultural identity in the dance/movie industry THESIS STATEMENTThrough dance, people of different races and cultures around the world have been able to communicate or share costumes, cultures, and traditions through movements of body on dance stages or in movies. Discrimination of minorities in dance and movies industries should be prohibited as so many of them have a rich cultural history to offer to the world.*Side-note, please add some type of movie references if you can :)OUTLINE & ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY INSTRUCTIONS1. Outline: Should be in bullet points and offer a break-down of how you plan to organize your paper. Name each section and provide a 1-2 sentence description of what you plan to include in this section. The outline should be at least 250 words long. You are encouraged to approach this by thinking of the themes you plan to address and like a map of the argument you plan to pursue. No need to get too specific and try to capture what you plan to do in each paragraph. An example of sections comprising a research paper is included below. (This is just an example and NOT a template of a suggested structure. You should structure your paper according to what best serves your topic)Introduction and thesis statement
Historical Overview of Dance Genre / Description of performance
Contextualization that introduces the significance of the argument
Sections unpacking your argument
2. Annotated Bibliography: An annotated bibliography is a list of sources, where you provide a short summary of what the sources are about. For the purpose of completing this step, you need to do 2 things:a) Identify and list at least 4 sources that you plan to consult for your research paper. Out of these 4 sources, 2 need to be academic (either academic books, or scholarly journal articles) The sources need to follow the proper APA citation format.b) Out of the 4 sources you need to choose 2 (at least 1 of which needs to be academic) and provide a short summary of the main points of the source and how you plan to incorporate them into your project. Each summary and statement of how you’ll tie the source to your project should be at least 100 words long. In order to complete this part you need to have read the 2 articles / sources you are choosing to summarize (if it’s a book consider reading the chapter that applies the most to your research). You are expected to provide the summary in your own words and not to copy and paste it from another source. Pasting from another source is considered plagiarism and will be pursued according to academic misconduct policies.Grading / Evaluation Criteria:Does your submission closely follow the guidelines and include all required components?
Is your submission within the word limit?
Does your outline demonstrate adequate engagement with the project and provide a thoughtful and realistic structure for a 6-7 page paper?
Is the bibliography provided clearly related to the research project?
Does the bibliography include 2 academic sources?
Does your summary and statement clearly showcase how the sources relate to your research?
Is one of the summaries you are providing about an academic source?


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