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W4Part BB) The rest of this discussion will be in English. You must write a minimum of 15 sentences. Choose a famous person from a Spanish speaking country, area, region. It could be someone you admire or someone who inspires you–either in the past or present. You could select an artist, architect, musician, political figure, military leader, etc. Please add some images, sounds or video of maps, people, places etc. to enliven your post. Cite all sources used at the bottom of your post. In your response, please discuss:The reason for your choice
The person’s accomplishments and their impact on society
The individual’s physical features and personality characteristics
In essence: tell us a story about why you admire this person.W5Part BThis part of the discussion is in English. You must write a minimum of 15 complete sentences. Each person is going to research one unique celebration. Credit will not be given to repeated celebrations. In the subject of your discussion, put the name of your celebration. You may want to post your discussion as early as possible. Example: San Fermín Celebrations provide a great release from the duties of the work we do. Here is a youtube video about “Día de los Muertos:” background on “las fiestas de los hispanohablantes.”Keeping in theme with the topic of celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries, your assignment is to explore one celebration that you have never heard about in a Spanish-speaking country. Día de los Muertos is excluded as most have heard about it. Please respond to the following questions in English: (Remember you must write a minimum of 15 complete sentences) What is the celebration/festival? When did it originate? What is its purpose?
Who participates? Where does it take place?
How is this festival celebrated? (What does it look and feel like to be there among the participants?)
Why did this celebration get your attention and would you like to participate in it? Why?
Think about a celebration or holiday you celebrate here in the US and compare and contrast how and why your celebration is similar and/or different than the celebration you are presenting.
Please post some images, sounds or video of people, places and food related to your celebration. Using third-party material: If you use other people’s words, academic research requires us to cite our sources. At the bottom of your discussion post, include the links to the websites used to gather information for your topic. If your sources were not from the web, reference the name and author of any book or article that you consulted. Please remember that text directly quoted from other sources must be in quotation marks.W6Ésta es una foto de una pintura de la famosa artista mexicana Frida Kahlo: Las dos Fridas. A) Begin this discussion by answering these three questions in Spanish in complete sentences: ¿Cómo es Frida en su imagen a la izquierda de la foto?
¿Cómo es Frida a la derecha?
¿Cómo eres tú en tu foto favorita?
With the verb ser, use adjectives that you know to describe physical features and personality aspects. If you want to comment on her emotional well being in the picture using the verb ser, you can state: “Es una persona triste,” for example. The same applies for your own picture. An example for my photo is: En mi foto soy baja con pelo castaño. Here is a link to a website that provides a biography of the artist in both English and Spanish: you can take a virtual tour of “La casa azul.”B) This part of the discussion is in English. Please write a minimum of 15 complete sentences. From the link above or from your own research about Frida: think about how you would portray two different sides of ‘you’ in a painting.Post a description in English of what an image of the two YOUs would look like. What do your two sides reveal about you?
How do you identify yourself? (by heritage, beliefs, family, job, etc.)? Do you have different sides? I think we all do if we think about it.
There is also a Power Point file attachment about the two verbs SER and ESTAR.


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