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When thinking through the traditions, you should ask yourself the following questions to help you get started (for each
paradigm you chose):
1. What is the overall perspective this theoretical tradition has regarding society?
2. What major sociological questions does this theoretical tradition seek to answer about society?
3. What major theorists have contributed to this theoretical tradition and which one(s) are most relevant to an
examination of Panem?
When thinking through the individual theories for the paper, you should ask yourself the following questions to help you
get started (for each paradigm you chose):
1. As [fill in theorist here] what am I most interested in about Panem?
2. As [fill in theorist here] which of my major concepts appear to be most relevant to the social
organization/structures and/or relationships/interactions in Panem?
3. As [fill in theorist here] what examples from the novel best illustrate the concepts mentioned in #4?
4. How do these concepts and ideas fit together in a cohesive explanation of the structures or interactions within
When critiquing the two paradigms you explore in the paper, you should ask yourself the following questions:
1. What is this paradigm the best at explaining? Why?
2. What are the major problems do other theorists have with this paradigm? Are these criticisms relevant for the
application to Panem?
3. What aspects of the social structure/organization and/or of social relationships/interactions in Panem does this
theory fail to adequately explain?
4. Can utilizing both of these paradigms together provide better understanding of Panem? If so, how can this work?
Criteria: The following Criteria will be used in grading your paper (see the grading rubric on Moodle)
• Format
o 3000-4500 words (10-20 pages)
o Word document, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman or 11 pt. Arial, 1” margins
o Full name upper right hand header;
o Page numbers lower right hand footer (use the Insert tab)
o ASA style formatting and citations (
• Composition
o Organization and clarity
o Grammar and syntax
• Content
o Effective explanation of both theories
o Well-constructed and logical connections drawn between the theory and novel
o Effective examples from the novel
o Thorough analysis and evaluation of both theories including strengths and weaknesses of each


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