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Each student will complete an economic analysis paper worth 70 points toward your final grade. The paper is due on with the Module 11 assignments. In this paper you are asked to select some of the economic concepts covered in this class and apply them to a real world situation. The paper needs to be 4-6 pages in length and must use APA style citations. For help with APA style please see Purdue’s Online Writing Laboratory []. There are two options for this paper.
Please review the rubric prior to starting your paper. What is most important is your demonstration of accurate economic reasoning. You will want to pick a topic that is appropriate for the task. As regards APA style, what matters most is the use of ‘in-text’ citations for all external material you use e.g. (Author Year) or Author (Year) as well as a complete works cited section (not just weblinks). The other elements of APA style i.e. running header, abstract, etc. are unimportant.
There are a variety of topics related to Macro Economics that would be appropriate for you to write on. You make take inspiration from a number of sources, but what is important is to demonstrate your own economic reasoning. I want to know what you have to say, not what the experts say. But you should cite the experts as you construct your arguments and build to your conclusions. You must use in-text citations e.g. (Author Year) or Author (Year) for each external source used as well as a full end-of-text citation.
You may take inspiration from scholarly or popular sources or you might discover a topic by going directly to scholarly sources. But either way you must include citations from scholarly papers i.e. articles written by economists.
For this you should refer to the Wiggins Memorial Library:
As an example topic, I may discuss the Federal Reserve’s use of the interest rate paid on excess reserves. I could incorporate a discussion of opportunity cost, monetary policy, aggregate demand, full employment. My analysis might then suggest how variations in the interest rate paid on excess reserves could affect the economy by changing the incentives faced by banks.
Please review the rubric before starting your paper. What is most important is your demonstration of accurate economic reasoning and that this is what occupies most of the space in the paper! You will want to pick a topic that is appropriate for the task. The important goal of the paper is to convey your own economic reasoning—so the emphasis needs to be on this application.


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