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Task 6Perception is important when we give a speech, and our perceptions change frequently. For example, how did you view yourself in your first and second speeches? Do you have a different perception of yourself within your speeches now that we are in week 6? Do you feel more confident in your presentations? On-ground students, did you come to class on the first and second days and have certain perceptions about the people around you? Has that changed now that you have heard a few of their speeches?Read from your textbook “Chapter 2: Communication and Perception”Revisit your textbook “Chapter 10: Delivering a Speech”Changing your perception of others and yourself is a constant process, and it is based on interactions and experiences you have.One part of the perception process that we don’t always get in interpersonal communication is a redo. However, in this class, you do! Revision is a necessary step in the writing process, including speech writing.You have now received feedback from your instructor on 5 speeches. Take the feedback he or she has given you along the way. Add that feedback to your own perceptions about your past speeches and apply them. Choose one speech from weeks 1-5 to revise and re-present.Create a file folder for this week titled with your name and Task 6.Place the following items in the file folder:PowerPoint presentation that you will use in this week’s lesson (you may start from scratch or you may choose to revise the PowerPoint you already created)
All images that you will use.
An APA formatted outline that contains (1) the introduction to your presentation, (2) list of items you plan to change about your previous speech and why, and (3) the conclusion to your presentation. Again, you may start from the beginning with this revision or you may revise what you already have.
Zip the file folder and then upload your work to Moodle.Lesson 6Welcome to the lesson!In this week’s lesson you will use the zip file you uploaded to Moodle in the Task to prepare your revision speech.Open the file titled with your name and Task 6 that contains the 1. blank PowerPoint 2. images for your PowerPoint 3. outlinePrepare or revise your PowerPoint by selecting a background that complements your revised presentation, includes your selected images, and is organized according to the events in your outline.ALL students will upload their PowerPoint presentations to Moodle.Online students – please upload a narrated PowerPoint using the built-in recording software OR a non-narrated PowerPoint along with a video of you presenting the PowerPoint using your phone, video camera, webcam, or other recording software.Discussion C: Body languageIn this week’s discussion your conversation will be about body language and the messages you may or may not be sending through your nonverbal communication.Week 5 – Watch/review the below videos and reading and then upload a 2-4 minute video response discussing your thoughts on them.Watch the LinkedIn Learning course: Body Language for Leaders with Carol Kinsey Goman
Read “How to Begin People Watching”
Watch “Amy Cuddy’s: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are”
Week 6 – Respond to at least two of your classmates’ videos in writing in 100+ words each.Please note: Late discussion postings will not be accepted.


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