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WHAT:  Research and write a Recommendation Report that persuades readers to take action in response to a defined problem within a specific company or organization.
Format Requirements:
·  8+ pages of written content (plus cover page, table of contents, and references page)
·  Proper APA format for all aspects of the report, including cover page, table of contents, abstract, in-text citations, and references page
·  6+ researched sources used within text of the document and listed on the references page
·  Polished writing (i.e.: no errors in spelling, syntax, capitalization, punctuation)
·  Organized paragraphs and sections
·  12-point Times New Roman font
·  Double-spaced lines
·  3rd person point of view
RHETORICAL ARRANGEMENT (You must use these subheadings.)
I.  Cover page
(Use model provided in A Writer’s Reference.)
II.  Table of Contents
(Use professor’s guidelines.)
III.  Abstract
(This is a summary of the Recommendation Report using APA format based on model provided in A Writer’s Reference; 150-250 words in length.)
IV.  Introduction
a.  Define the problem that the company need to solve.  Include any necessary contextual or background information
b.  Describe the specific company so the reader has a clear understanding of the organization and then define report your’s role within (or relationship to) the organization.
c.  Define target audience for the report.
d.  Describe the recommended solution (thesis statement) and the benefits the solution will provide the target audience
V.  Discussion (you may include more points in this section than those listed below)
a.  Argue one point of support for thesis (clearly stated in a strong topic sentence) with cited research data that supports the point
b.  Argue another point of support for thesis (clearly stated in a strong topic sentence) with cited research data that supports the point
c.  Argue another point of support for thesis (clearly stated in a strong topic sentence) with cited research data that supports the point
d.  Address potential opposition (in a separate paragraph or include it within particular points of the discussion)
a.  Emphasize the benefits of accepting the recommendation for the target audience.
b.  Call to action: Describe next steps the target audience must take to implement your recommendation.
(Use guidelines provided in A Writer’s Reference.)
HOW:  Remember to refer to your annotated bibliography and your memorandum for your sources, thesis statement, and other work to prepare for this report. 
·  What is the specific problem I will discuss in my report?
o  Has the problem, and its recommended solution(s) or proposed course of action, been narrowed in scope to be described within the limits of the report’s page count?
o  What action do I want to convince the audience to do or accept?
o  Will the report attempt to solve an internal organizational problem?
·  Who is the target audience?
o  Will the report be addressed from one organization to another? Or will it be from an individual to an organization?
o  Who has the power to approve the recommendations in my report?
·  What research findings will I need?
·  Have I used 6 or more high-quality researched sources in the document to support claims or give data?
·  Have I used researched sources effectively, incorporating data, paraphrases, and quotes successfully to support claims or help readers understand the problem and solution better? Review at
·  Did I give credit for my sources by using proper APA in-text citation and References page format rules? Review at
·  Have I used a hierarchy of headings to help my audience understand my logic in presenting my research? Review at 
·  Have I defined the meanings of any acronyms, abbreviations, and special terms I used in the document by providing a glossary or by explaining them?
·  Is my final draft more than 8 pages in length?
o  NOTE: The cover page, table of contents, and references page do not count towards the required 8+ page count.
·  Does the document use 12-pt Times New Roman font and is it double spaced with 1-inch margins all around?
·  Is my document written in 3rd person point of view?
o  NOTE: No use of words such as “I,” “me,” “our,” “you,” etc.
·  Is my document grammatically correct?
o  Review grammar and punctuation chapters in A Writer’s Reference.
o  Review top 20 college writer error patterns (with examples) here: Top 20 errors with examples
A Peer Review session is scheduled for the advanced draft of this assignment; participation in Peer Review as a reviewer and reviewee is required.  
REMEMBER to SUBMIT your draft(s) to your WRITING SPECIALIST in your Online Writing LAB (ENG 3108).  Your OWL WRITING SPECIALIST will help you develop a polished, well-crafted final version of your work.
Academic Integrity Resources:
Please view this link to learn how to format in-text citations or make a references page:  
Please view this link to learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it:  
WHY:   The Recommendation Report, an informative, analytical business document, uses facts from research to persuade an audience to take action in response to a defined issue or need.  Recommendation Reports:
·  communicate a recommended solution or plan of action from one organization to another;
·  communicate a recommended solution or plan of action from an individual to an organization;
·  solve an internal problem.
This assignment allows you to demonstrate understanding of rhetorical appeals and definitions used in business communication through a formal, written report.  It reinforces knowledge of writing as a process in which you use personal and collaborative revision and editing skills in service of substantive revision. 


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